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We are a team of majorly technocrats comprising Professors, Researchers and Scientists of senior-level from premium institutes of India like IIT Delhi, IIT Roorkee, IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur and IIT Chennai. All of them have rich experience and are Ace's of their field. Apart from them, there are professionals from India and abroad catering for IT, AI and Computer Graphics.

We are involved in technical researches with our algorithms having capabilities of decision making. Our software products are unique in features and possess a vast leap in respect to the development of our nearest competitor.

We implement the most advanced computer technologies, which are technically robust in decision making.

We work specially in optimizing various parameters of a system to obtain optimized cost and saving process time. Our solutions are rugged, technically robust and functionally rich, having quality and reliability.

Our research centres encourage young students to show and develop their skills in computer science and information technology. People with a burning desire to create/learn new technology are always welcome to join us.

Our ACE software product is “InSINCE” which is an outcome of deep thinking, burning desire and persistence to do something which was otherwise beyond human limits. "InSINCE" is the first of its kind software that determines optimize routes in an undirected sewer network.

The main mentors and thinkers

  • Late Er. S.C.G. : He was a technocrat from I.I.T. - Roorkee with over 50 years of experience in Govt and the private sector at senior management.
  • Er. Neeraj Goel : He is a civil engineer with over 28 years of experience. He is the key person managing the company and is involved in this product's complete life cycle development.
  • Dr. Lily : She is a doctorate in Chemistry with over 28 years of experience managing the business.
  • Er. Ms. Aalisha : A master in Civil Engineering from I.I.T. - Delhi and Chief Consultant of the product.

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