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Inside Sewer Intelligent Network Computational Engine

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  • As the name itself reveals, InSINCE is an art of technology software that finds various routes in an undirected gravity sewer network system and performs hydraulic design and cost estimate and converges to the optimal solution
  • It is a unique offering; able to design, on its own, a full-fledged sewer network on a given road network while optimizing it towards a minimum cost solution.
  • It provides 10 - 15 % cost savings compared to manual design. There is also considerable saving of time and effort.
  • Cloud based computation.

Key Features

  • Extremely robust optimization engine
  • Multiple in-house converging algorithms.
  • No special skills required to operate the software.
  • Cloud-based computation.
  • Extraction of elevation data from Google maps.
  • No user intervention required once started.
  • Resource intensive, hence cloud-based powerful processing.
  • Pricing models to suit everybody.
  • Extremely user-friendly, simple, less cluttered modeller.
  • It has a sophisticated polygon method for accurate loading distribution.
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  • User-defined constraints with no limits.
  • It supports multiple STPs (Sewage Treatment Plants).
  • It supports gravity flow sewer networks most commonly used globally.
  • Automatic determination of SPS (Sewage Pumping Station) locations.
  • Generation of multiple networks with detailed design, drawing and cost for comparison.
  • Facility to add new activity/events for cost estimation.
  • Total flexibility to change design parameters globally as well as on individual elements.
  • Can increase the optimization level as desired as per time constraints.

Modeller Functions

  • Reports with estimation and drawings.
  • Ability to create or edit sewer network.
  • Able to generate reports in different formats.
  • Support files like Auto-cad, Backdrop images, Google maps etc.
  • Layer capabilities for organized and easy formatting.
  • Single click migration from InSINCE to MS-Excel and back.
  • Complete integration of network drawing with tabular data.
  • Generate AutoCAD format files from an InSINCE illustration
  • Self-integrity check of an input file.
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